Ved is a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Electro-Communications (UEC), Tokyo.

He teaches Advanced Network Architectures to graduate students of Department of Information Network System.

Topics of study: 

His lecture covers the Internet architecture, its basic protocols, their limitations, and recently developed new protocols to overcome these limitations, although partially. Then new networking technologies being considered for the future Internet or New Generation Network are covered. Among these technologies, the ID/locator split based protocols that make the future Internet natively support mobility, multihoming, security, scalable routing, and heterogeneous network layer protocols are studied. Subsequently, information-centric or content-centric networking (ICN/CCN ) technologies are discussed. ICN/CCN combines content discovery and routing functions together and allows retrieving of a content by the content name from the nearest point in the network. The delay or disruption tolerant networking (DTN) protocols for enabling communications over networks with unreliable and long-delay links are discussed. To make the future Internet more eco-friendly while enabling it to deliver data at a faster speed, optical packet switching technologies are studied. Finally, activities for network architectures and protocols standardization at different SDOs are surveyed.

NOTE: The lecture would be basically in English (although Japanese would be use frequently). The lecture notes and reference material would be in English. Students can write and present their reports in English (preferred) or Japanese.


Network architecture, future Internet, protocol, ID/locator split, CCN/ICN, DTN, standardization

Lecture notes:

A link to the lecture notes will be provided here later.